Monday, June 13

Guns actually do kill people

If it was a desire to see patriots become disillusioned with their country in the face of domestic attacks, then I think the terrorists have won. I find myself defeated, in my heart, when it comes to considering the crime in Orlando. My heart hurts, truly.
I am, and have been, a firm believer in gun control. If we can't have gun abstinence (which I really like), then some strict gun control is definitely the next order of business. However, we have lawmakers that believe that someone's paranoid belief in a fictional threat weighs more on the rights of a citizen than an actual citizen's actual life. You know what stops a bad guy with a gun? An off-duty police officer, a SWAT team, and, apparently, 50 bodies. Huh. Seems like a poor argument for all the NRA's "bad guy with a gun versus good guy with a gun" logic. It stands to reason that this guy should not have been able to buy that assault rifle. And not just because he'd been investigated by the FBI. He shouldn't have been able to buy it because it shouldn't be for sale to people. That instrument makes it way too easy to kill way too many people too quickly.
I don't care how many law-abiding citizens there are that don't kill people with their assault rifles. The facts stand that if this guy didn't have that gun, he wouldn't have been able to do as much damage. There is no practical, logical or safe reason to have that gun. They should be banned, abolished and destroyed. Look at all the massacres over the last few years, most, of not all, were perpetrated by a guy with an assault rifle. That rifle, a weapon of mass destruction, was developed for the military, and it's being used in domesticity. That is so wrong. And only a few members of our government are interested in making it right (a straight reading of the 2nd Amendment speaks of state-led militias, not private citizens, bearing arms).
I'm horrified by the state of this country's stance on guns. What the fuck kind of place are we living in? I'll tell you. We live in a country where 20 children ... BABIES ... are killed, and the fucking government does nothing to stop it from happening again. If they won't do it for babies, they're not going to do it for a nightclub full of adults. And that's breaking my heart. Because I used to be so proud of my country, and now I'm ashamed of it.

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