Thursday, June 16

Go back to your under-the-bridge place

I got my first Twitter troll today. I blocked him (I assume it's a him), because I don't want to argue with someone on Twitter. Anyway, I had tweeted my support for the filibuster to one of my state senators, and the troll told me that there were more voters like him than there are voters like me, and that's why he'll win. I'm all, buh-bye. I'm not on social media to argue with invisible people behind their keyboards. If my one tweet goes towards the thousands of tweets, and somehow makes a difference, I'm a happy person. Because I actually think that there are more voters like me, who don't think assault rifles should be so easy to get. Anyway, I blocked him, so good on me. ... I suppose I shouldn't have though, right? Engaging with trolls is how you gain more followers, yes? Isn't that the point of this?
My kid asked me today when I thought she would be old enough to get a Twitter account. I told her that I'm not sure I'm old enough for Twitter. I said, "Twitter is a horrible, horrible place. People are so mean to each other on Twitter. I don't think you even know how mean people can be from behind their computers. I don't know when I'll let you get on Twitter." And that's so true. She's way too young to see the wretched despair and vitriol on this "social" media website and app.
The only thing going for it is that so many people on Twitter are funny and clever. So back up, trolls. I don't need you here.

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