Tuesday, June 7

Discovering that I'm a Matt Damon fan

HBO has started showing The Martian (because Mom and I just watched it, I suspect), and I'm loving it. As I do, I've watched bits and pieces of it almost every day since the weekend, and I'm not mad about it. Brian and I watched the entire last hour of it tonight, and I giggled just as much now as I did the first time I saw it. It is such a good movie, you guys. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.
You know what else was on my movie channels last night? Ocean's 13. The third one, not the second one, which sucked so badly. This third chapter is more entertaining, for certain. I believe that the entertainingness is directly related to how little Julia Roberts is in it acting like "Julia Roberts." (I continue to be very offended by how Ocean's 12 jumped the shark (idiom) with that plot device.) And most anything with Eddie Izzard in it is worth the price of admission. But more significantly, it's another movie I enjoy watching that features Matt Damon in a primary role.
And then there's the next Bourne movie coming out this summer, about which I am very excited. I love, love, love the Bourne movies. And my hopeless romanticness is giddy that Julia Stiles' character, Nikki, is in the film, too.
So, three awesome Matt Damon sightings in one stretch of time, and not being mad about them, must make me an official fan of Matt Damon. There are worse things, I suppose, and since I'm seriously counting the days until Bourne, I'll binge on The Martian and Ocean's 13 until then.

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