Wednesday, June 1

"Chopping" dairy from her diet for a few

I'm not entirely sure why the sight of my avatar with an axe in her hand made me feel warm inside, but alas, it did, and because of that, she's my spirit animal for the month.
Hey, did you know that kids/people/children can become maybe lactose intolerant as a phase? My kid's been not feeling good for the last couple weeks, and after a visit to the doctor today, we think that maybe she's going through a maybe temporary dairy issue. So she's cut off from anything dairy for five days, which is interesting. Child survives on string cheese and yogurt. She loves it. So I did a little internet searching tonight and found a list of snacks that are dairy-free.
Nutter Butters, which would be awesome for me, but not her.
Dry cereal, which means I'll be buying some Cap'n Crunch.
Sorbet, which I forgot didn't have milk in it.
Marshmallows, which are an awesome snack for any reason on any day.
Frosting, because her non-dairy issues would have to have ready-made vats of FROSTING as a solution, right?

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