Sunday, June 19

An ITEM! list for your Sunday

ITEM!: Did I tell you that last week I found a passel of books to add to my library queue? Like, 12 or 13? I think I did. Anyway, I finished the library book I have in the house this afternoon, and went on the hunt to fill up that queue on the library's website. I'm sad to say I was disappointed in my searches. A few of the books aren't even available in book form, if you can believe it. I can get them electronically, if I want, but actual books, they don't have. Like four or five books were like that. So that was a drag. For three other books, I'm on a waiting list. For one of those books, I'm 23rd in line! For the others, I'm third and fifth. I've got two books that are available, and I should be able to collect them tomorrow and Tuesday. So, the Summer Reading List 2016 is ready to go, and ready to be tackled and put into submission.
ITEM!: The living room plant that was infested with bugs seems to be handling its shocking root bath and change of soil well. I won't lie; I saw a bug flying around it the other day. But I sprayed the soil with Mom's soapy bug-killing spray, and we'll see if that takes care of the problem well enough. Everyone else inside seems to be doing fine.
ITEM!: As for the outside, well, today was a rough day. The high in the metro-Phoenix area got up to 118 degrees, and my little outdoor gardening space certainly felt the heat. I had to put the citronella plant, daisy and strawberry on the patio floor because they were getting baked in the afternoon sun, which is usually a bit more forgiving. My lavender plants were drooping, as was my gardenia. They were very pleased to get some extra water and spraying. The raspberries and blueberries seemed to take the heat in stride, which is amazing. The other blueberry though, is pretty dead. I'm going to trim back its limbs to see if we can't force its roots to push up some fresh growth. As for the apple trees, well, Sydney and I hit up Lowe's yesterday and picked up a pile of drip-system gear so I could put them back on the watering system. I was starting to get super concerned about their health in the summer, so I fashioned an extended watering system and installed it. I've set an alarm on my phone so I'm sure to check it out tomorrow morning before I leave for the day, and ensure that all is watering well.

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