Tuesday, May 10

Ummm, I want these. Like, now

I'm in withdrawals for my Toms. I miss wearing them so much.
What I need is some very thin cotton socks that I can wear with my Toms, so my feet can be cute and comfortable in my shoes, but then not sweat like crazy. I'll tell you that the leather inside my shoes is starting to warp from the sweating and the drying from my days at work. And that makes them weird to wear. And that is unacceptable, because I have an insane amount of Toms, and now I'm afraid to wear them.
Besides that, there are a couple pair I want to buy, and I can't justify buying more Toms if I don't wear them to work. So that's the prize of my most pressing hunt. Super thin cotton socks.
And then I can get the pink ones. And the blue striped ones. And maybe the floral ones. Wait. There is a gingham pair? Yummy.

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