Monday, May 23

Totally on board for a Harry Potter summer

ITEM!: I didn't post anything last night because I was at work until 11 p.m. Yes, this is, apparently, how this summer at this job is going to go. I did get a couple comp days out of it, in the form of a half day this Friday, and a full day next Friday when Mom is here. So in the end, I'm kind of okay with missing out on my day yesterday if I get some extra time this week and next with Sydney, and Sydney and Mom, respectively.
ITEM!: Sydney is officially reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by herself, and she's enjoying it. I am so pleased with this, I can hardly contain myself! We were lacking chapter books for her to read at home, so she picked up H.P., and dug in. She's been reading it with no arguments the last several days, and even asks for more time at night. She will quickly discover that when she's reading, I will let her stay up way later than normal (if she hasn't figured that out yet, already). Anyway, I'm tickled pink that she's finally going to read an adventure worthy of her efforts.
ITEM!: I've come across a lack of television tonight, and that's because it's Book Reading Season. However, I'm paying bills and posting to the blog, all activities that can't be done while I'm reading, so, I've got Jurassic World on again, until I finish up here. I'd rather have one of my programs on instead, but oh well. I'm almost done, and then I'll get to reading. In fact, I keep typing and prolonging the time until I read. This is stupid.

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