Monday, May 2

Tiny Thing #327: I scream for a lot of ice cream

Feels like a good day for writing about a Tiny Thing to Write About. Following is #327.
What was your favorite flavor of ice cream as a child, and why?
When I was little, the only flavor of ice cream I would eat was chocolate. It always was a single scoop of chocolate ice cream; no sprinkles, or marshmallows, or anything nifty on top of it. Just ice cream. But sometimes I would choose strawberry.
What's your favorite flavor now?
Adulthood has brought me many benefits, one of which is the ability to latch onto an ice cream manufacturer and taste as many flavors as I choose as often as I choose. In Boston, I decided to live and breathe Ben & Jerry's. The little corner grocer down the street had an incredible selection of Ben & Jerry's, and I tried different flavors a couple times a week. I did try so many, except for those with stuff I knew I would not like, such as Chunky Monkey, which is an ice cream poisoned by banana. But my favorite flavor at that time was Brownie Batter, which was chocolate ice cream with a swirl of brownie batter throughout.
Later, when we were living in Houston, I discovered Blue Bell ice cream, which calls Texas home. Sydney and I tried so many flavors, and the basics were pretty good, but my favorite was a seasonal flavor that I fear they will never make again, Key lime pie ice cream. Sydney really liked Southern blackberry cobbler, and we had still have a half-gallon of that in the freezer. It is old and should be tossed out.
But a constant in my freezer has always been Haagen Dazs. Their strawberry ice cream is the best, and their chocolate is beyond delicious.
Currently, ice creams in my freezer include: Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake, Brownie Batter Core, That's My Jam Core, and The Tonight Dough; Baskin Robbins' mint chocolate chip; and Haagen Dazs's strawberry, and chocolate.
What flavor have you always wanted to invent?
Honestly, I feel like the ice cream universe is doing so well on its own, I would probably only hinder its advancements. Maybe I'd just ask Ben & Jerry to start making Brownie Batter again.

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