Thursday, May 12

These aren't hers, but hers are this colorful

My puppy is insane for socks. He loves them so much, and finds them very entertaining to play with. We can't leave a sock anywhere in the house, else Cooper will find it, flip it around, and bring it to you for throwing. He's pretty funny.
Anyway, Sydney has grown out of a significant number of her pairs of socks, and we recently emptied out the sock drawer so we could donate the pairs she won't wear anymore. We piled them in the guest room, up on the sofa.
Cooper has found them. They have been his endless joy the last couple days, and it's cracking me up so much that I'm not even picking them up anymore. Every time he leaves the bedroom, he comes back in with a new pair in his mouth. They are littering the floor of the guest room. Also, there are at least five pairs downstairs. It's Sydney's responsibility to corral them, but when Cooper goes nuts and drags them throughout the house, it's all good. No trouble for him, because it's adorable. You have to imagine this little black dog carrying around these bright, super colorful socks everywhere, and appreciate the aesthetic awesomeness of him.
There is at least one pair of socks in every room of the house, and right now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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