Tuesday, May 17

There may or may not be a whole lot of bees

Wanna know something cool but a little bit scary? I think there's a bee hive in one of the ground holes near my house. You know those holes and ground level cabinet things where utilities are maintained and controlled? There's one across the driveway from my garage, and for the last several weeks, I've noticed a few bees buzzing around it. Every time we walk past it, there's a bee or two entering or exiting the cracked lid, and I'm super, super curious.
What I will not do though, is open the top. Because that would be stupid. And some evidence to the contrary, I am not stupid. So I'll just continue on my merry way, being all curious but not proving anything.

A Bee Haiku
I buzz, buzz, being a bee,
I may, may not sting,
Open this box, and find out.

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