Wednesday, May 4

Start the lessons early, and maybe she'll be safe

So Sydney has downloaded a new app, called, to her phone, and now is addicted to it. It's kind of similar to Instagram, but instead of photos, users are invited to create little music video vignettes and then share them with their friends. Also, you can follow your friends and see the videos that they are posting.
"Hello, Kimberly. Welcome to the world of Your Kid is Obsessed with Making Videos of Herself."
I don't want to live in this world anymore. It's annoying.
I've downloaded the app to my own phone, and signed in with her account so I can keep an eye on what everyone is posting. I haven't seen anything to raise any yellow or red flags, but I do see why I should begin to fear for our future. These kids are so into themselves it's pretty amazing. Though they are having quite a bit of fun. Still, she's got a friend who's posting five and six videos in a sitting, and none of them are particularly entertaining or creative, and the whole app is enough to make a sane person go batty.
But because I'm me, and I'm protective of her future, I did take a few minutes to remind Sydney that an app is the same as the internet. And posting something to the app is the same as posting it onto the internet. So she needs to be very careful about everything she does online and with her phone. Even if she's just messing around, she needs to remember always that the internet never forgets, nor is it forgiving.

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