Saturday, May 14

No sunburn for me this time

We spent the day on the lake, and aside from a few issues here and there, we had a wonderful time.
I'm feeling pretty good about myself tonight though. I remembered to bring my rash guard,  and I wore it. And now, I have no sunburn on my chest, shoulders or back! It shouldn't be a triumph to not get burned in the sun, but with my track record of forgetting and not caring, it's pretty amazing how comfortable I am right now. The only places I have redness and a potential issue for some skin achyness are on my legs and my lower arms, wrists and the back of my hands. I don't anticipate anything irritating, though.
I super pleased with the rash guard, you guys. I picked it up at Old Navy last summer, and ended up using it only once over the summer (because of the forgetting and not caring). I decided to grab it for today though, and am super pleased that I did. I love the rash guards so much anyway, because they're so great for Sydney in the summer, and today's protection for me, and for Sydney, has made me more than the die-hard believer that I was already. Given the opportunity, I'll probably pick up another one or two for each of us, so we have a selection.
Now, what we need are some biker shorts or leggings in rash guard material.

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