Sunday, May 15

My goodness, I totally bailed on the day

For a day in which I had a bit to do, I certainly didn't do any of it. I had a trip to Target planned, and the grocery store, and the clothing donation bins, and to Home Goods for a picture frame. And what did I end up doing? We watched Captain America: Civil War again, and I read some of a book. Granted, it's a library book, so that's kinda productive, but really, that wasn't on my list of stuff I needed to get done today. One other task, that of signing up for a couple summer camps, was thwarted by the fact that both camps need emails to get the registration set up. I'll get that taken care of tomorrow, probably. My dogs did get bathed and groomed today, so that was something that I actually did have on the schedule that did get done. It looks like my lunch hours will have to be much more productive this week, so I can make up for my lack of motivation this weekend. *sigh*

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