Sunday, May 29

Keep your comments to yourself

I think I heard my first anti-transgender person in the bathroom comment today.
Sydney and I were heading into the bathroom at a McDonald's along our route home this afternoon. she wasn't paying any attention to where she was going, she was just walking, and was also heading straight for the men's room door. I had to call out a couple times to get her attention, but finally was able to direct her to the right restroom, saying, "That's the men's room. We go in here."
She lead me in and she went right into a stall. I didn't have to go, so just walked to the sink to wash my hands. The lady who followed us into the bathroom says, to no one in particular, but I think was more meant for me, "I'm not sure that the signs even matter anymore."
The first thought that was in my head was to turn around and give her the stink eye. I ended up just ignoring her as if she didn't make the comment. You know, why give her the satisfaction of thinking that she was either funny, agreed with, or disagreed with. I'm pretty proud of how the comment, in a bathroom full of women as there were three ladies in the line behind her, just kind of hung out there and then dropped to the floor. I hope she was embarrassed by not having any acknowledgement over it at all.
Should I have been more vocal in calling out her ignorance? Honestly, I wonder. Would it be worth it to make a scene in a McDonald's bathroom in southern Arizona? Should I have put her in her place about her hatefulness? Should I have told her that she's probably shared a bathroom with a transgender person multiple times, and just not known or noticed? Is there even any arguing with that kind of tunnel vision? This afternoon, I decided no. I guess all the other women in the bathroom did, too. None of us said anything. And here's hoping that she really was embarrassed to not get a reaction from anyone. And maybe she'll keep her hatefulness to herself.

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