Saturday, May 21

I've always loved socks, and now I'm happy

I finally made it to Target and took the time to wander through the store's sock section. I picked up a potential set for wearing with my Toms at work, and another possible type to wear with my Vans. And now, having tried on both types of socks, I can confidently say that I'll be wearing my Toms to work again, and buying more socks to wear with all my other shoes, and therefore refilling my sock drawer. (They had a fun selection there, to be sure. It was a feat of self-control to not buy the Marvel socks. I had to be sure first.)
I used to have a stupid-awesome selection of socks, with all kinds of fun colors and designs on them. But they have grown very tired over the last several years, and some got holey, so my collection isn't even half as impressive as it used to be. I sense that Target may fill that void very well, and that's exciting to me. (I'm going to buy those Marvel socks within the next few days, mark my words.) And now, knowing that I have a viable alternative, I'll go through the drawer a bit more aggressively and pull out the socks that aren't comfortable but are okay enough to wear for donation. This will get fun for me very soon!
Also, I'll be buying more Toms.

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