Thursday, May 19

It's late ... dog vomit

ITEM!: I don't remember what I was doing last night that kept me from blogging.
Oh, wait. Yes, I do.
I was at work until 9:15 p.m., and when I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep.
And come to find out that I'll probably end up having to go into the office on Sunday, too. All day on Sunday. Not some cute little hour or two. But like, a full day of work on Sunday.
There was a time when going to work on the weekends meant comp days during the week. I'm not sure how they work full days of work on not-work days, but I'll be asking.
ITEM!: Brian and I watched a cheesy movie tonight that we both couldn't believe that we actually watched. It was one of those instances where the movie sneaks up on you. Like, the movie you were actually watching ends, and then the next movie starts but you're too lazy to change the channel. And then one interesting thing happens, and then you realize that an hour has passed. And then, well, then you're invested. Might as well see what happens at the end, right? And there went my early evening.
ITEM!: The pile of magazines next to my bed is embarrassing. I don't even attempt to keep them stacked neatly anymore. They're a splay of paper, as well as other paperwork and stuff, and all I do is look at them from above, and then leave them there. Maybe they'll get read on Saturday.
ITEM!: I'm making my list for the weekend though, in case I don't work on Sunday (I will). Sydney and I are having a day with Katy on Saturday, and I will not have anything disrupt that. So depending on how much time we get to do that, and whether I'll have time Sunday, the things on the list may or may not get crossed off.
ITEM!: And then the puppy gets sick. ... Time for bed.

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