Sunday, May 1

It's been quite some time since prom night

It's May, and getting on towards the end of the school year for my own kid, and several kids of my friends on Facebook. I'm seeing prom pictures, and awesome dresses, and all kinds of good stuff. Which led me to the following frightening observation: it has been 25 years since my Senior Prom. Let's take a few moments and reminisce about that event.
• My boyfriend/date's name was Brian. He was a year younger than me, and I knew him through our school government class. He was super cute, but he had a rat tail hairdo (c'mon, it was 1991). In all seriousness though, he was an awesome prom date.
• As is every girl's waking nightmare, I actually did have the same dress as another girl in my class. It was even weirder because we were friends, but we both had a sense of humor about it, and both wore it. There was no drama, and no one returned the dress to find another one.
• I had my hair done for the occasion, and it was a ponytail pulled back into a banana clip. Go on, be jelly.
• The dance's theme, to my embarrassment, was based on Richard Marx's song, and named after, "Hold On to the Night." Cheesy? Indeed. Again, 1991.
• Brian rented a mustang convertible for the night, because he thought that would be an awesome car to go to the Prom in. It was fast, certainly, but I'm not impressed by cars, so the entire gesture was lost on me.
• In the ultimate cliche move, we did get a hotel room, and that night was the first time that I had sex. They write songs about it; I did it. I lost my virginity on prom night. It was not wonderful.
• My best friend and her boyfriend, another dear friend and her date, and then another dear friend and her date. It was exactly as a senior prom should be, and we had a blast. I have ridiculous portraits to prove it. I find myself wishing that there were photo booths and whatnot back then. We'd have had so much fun with that.
I'm actually pretty impressed with how much I remember about that night. These are just the highlights, really. I can't believe it's been 25 years. I'm feeling O.L.D.

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