Monday, May 16

Go away, little Alex; you're bothering me

I am definitely, totally breaking up with Quantico. Like, for reals.
Wait; hold on.

SPOILER ALERT. I will be talking about last night's Quantico season finale here.

There. If you're still reading this and you haven't watched last night's show (and care about that), that's your bad.
So, back to the break-up.
I'm so over Alex Parrish. I hate those girls that learn that their boyfriend/husband/significant other has lied to them, and they ask the man deliberate questions to see if he'll continue lying or tell the truth. Alex did that tonight. I can't stand it when a character thinks that every decision that every other character is making is somehow centered on them, and that it was made just to affect their life. Alex did that tonight, too. I don't like it when there's nought but running around, and random coincidences that lead to breakthroughs. Yes; she did that, too.
Question: Why would Liam leave a nuclear bomb sitting in the middle of a hallway? It was supposed to be "hidden," as they said throughout the episode. Cleverly done, Liam. Leave it where literally everyone walking down that hallway would trip on it.
Another: Why would Miranda get promoted to the highest ranking female ever in the FBI? She got caught snooping; was beaten up, shot and thwarted by the bad guy; and did absolutely nothing to save the day. Congrats on just not dying?
And: Ryan's beard. Ugh. Why?
One more thing: I can't believe that the actress Marcia Cross was okay with all those close-ups displaying the gray roots in her hair. Sure, it was mostly red, but the roots were there, and viewers with HD televisions saw them. I would have words with the hair department at the beginning of next season, Marcia.
Speaking of hair: Can we finally kill and burn Shelby's extensions?
Speaking of Shelby: I can't understand her motivation, to be so mean to Caleb, when her parents are the assholes, and he's not. She's deliberately acting to hurt him, because she loves him? Because he hurt her feelings? She's all about being the emotional and psychologically abusive ex-lover, for sure. If I watch this show at all next season, it will be to fast forward most of the episodes to see what happens with these two. I'm shipping them, for sure.
And finally: And now the CIA? Will they be changing the name of the show next season to Langley?

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