Sunday, May 8

Captain America wished me Happy Mother's Day

So we went and saw the totally awesome Captain America: Civil War this morning. And it was just as amazingly heartbreaking as I had feared it would be. But I enjoyed it very much anyway, and I agree that it was among the better of the Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings.
It was a perfect way to start my Mother's Day, and the homage to motherhood continued with a delicious lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. My dessert was one of the tasty brownies I made yesterday and a couple scoops of strawberry ice cream enjoyed together. As for the rest of my afternoon, I did some stuff in the garden, and took a tiny nap, and chatted with the awesome moms in my life, and then made Brian watch the end of Music and Lyrics (which is far less awesome than Captain America) with me. For dinner, I went a lot more low-profile, and we had sandwiches from Potbelly.
I made my old dog spoon with me on the sofa for a little while, too. He napped, so I know he's one of the dogs that does enjoy hugs.

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