Tuesday, May 24

Aren't we required to tweet about Twitter?

So Twitter has made/will make some changes. A couple I'm pretty okay with.
1. They changed the "favorite" button to a "like" button. -- I didn't even notice that. Clearly, I'm very aware.
2. The self-retweet. -- One can now retweet their own tweet, thereby putting a tweet at the top of a timeline, as it were, and sending it out to followers again, in case they missed it, or you didn't get enough attention, the first time. This doesn't apply to me, either.
3. Links no longer count in the character count. -- This actually does work out well for me, since I do tweet links and stuff. So now I can go ahead and link up everything, including blog URLs, and they won't count towards my character count. More room for words! Yay!
I like it when changes to something I enjoy have little to no impact on my enjoyment of the thing.

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