Wednesday, April 13

Wait. That's how they grow? Cool!

Apparently, the best way for me to try a vegetable that I historically have not liked, is for me to drink a beer and a half on an empty stomach, and then for someone to put said vegetable on the table in front of me. This is what happened tonight at Oregano's, one of our favorite dining hangouts. Brian's parents were in town for the night, and we adjourned to the restaurant for dinner. We had to wait 30 minutes, so we we decided to have a beverage while waiting.
The Stella was, of course, delicious. We eventually ordered our food, but it was taking a while, and Brian's side dish of sauteed vegetables arrived at the table before the main courses. So I, in order to show Brian's mom that they weren't bad, ate a brussels sprout. Imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed the taste of the brussels sprout. (I looked it up online, and while there is definitely an "s" at the end of brussels, there is some confusion as to whether it should be capitalized or not. According to Wikipedia and my computer's spell check though, it should be.) Fine, Brussels sprouts.
This is how Oregano's describes them:
Brussels Sprouts
Our own recipe! Over 1/2 pound roasted the Italian way with fresh rosemary, sautéed onions, and sprinkled with Parmesan.

Honestly, I ate about six or seven bites of them, and they were super tasty.
I ate Brussels sprouts with my dinner tonight, for the first time willingly, and they were good. I'm 43.

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