Thursday, April 14

These are some random ITEM!s, for sure

ITEM!: Brian and I have agreed that we’re going to replant and re-pot four of the five apple trees in the orchard, giving them more space to grow and spread their roots. I’ve realized that regularly watering everyone in the garden is quite joyful, so I’m okay with pulling the apple orchard off the drip system and giving myself the responsibility. So, four more pots to be purchased on Saturday, in addition to maybe one of the gardenias they had at Home Depot, and if someone else calls my name and insists on coming home with me, so be it. [Editor's note: Those are my apple tree saplings to the left, so you have an idea of how awesome they are right now.]
ITEM!: So now I’ve got all this awesome new responsibility at work (not really a lot), but I still have to wait for other people to get me the stuff I need to get it all done. Such is the way, really, of everything editorial, no matter the magazine. But when you don’t really have anything else to do while you’re waiting, it just makes the wait that much more painful. I could, literally, sit here and bug people every 10 minutes, but I don’t even like me that much. I wouldn’t wish that kind of persistence on anyone’s email inbox.
ITEM!: I’ve been taking the antibiotics for five days, and I’m not feeling loads better yet. Every morning is a little bit better, I guess, but there’s been no obvious, marked improvement. I was able to sleep without NyQuil last night, mainly out of necessity because I was out of it, but I feel like just the fact that I actually did sleep without it is somewhat of a better state of things. But still, I’m not totally better yet, and that’s getting super, super frustrating. I hate, hate, hate that my nose is still stuffy … though I don’t have to blow it regularly throughout the day. Like I said, I’m getting bit-by-bit better, upon reflection, but I still haven’t had that morning where I wake up all, “Yes! I’m feeling good today!” And that’s what I want.
ITEM!: I’ve discovered that on my computer at work, I prefer a dark blue-style desktop image. And it’s like, an obvious preference to me. I played around with a few different backgrounds this morning, and discovered that when the photo image is anything but dark blue-based, my eyes would squint and I’d have to physically move back from the screen. Like, bright green leaves or pink flowers? Too bright for me. Mountain vistas or animals? Too much activity in the photo. I had a gorgeous dark photo of the Milky Way back there, but changed it to a dark-blue Hawaiian print this morning, you know, because spring. This weird preference doesn’t afflict me on my computer at home, which has a picture of Oliver on it, so that’s the only reason why I mention it here. Work-computer bias, obviously.

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