Wednesday, April 20

The pots are draining, but the floor remains dirty

FIRST THIS: So I've been issuing the last couple days about the plants outside and how the pots don't seem to be draining at all. I knew the pots had drainage on the inside, but picked one up to check out the bottom. What I found was no holes to drain water. What else I found was a whole bunch of scored circles on the bottom of the pot.
I thoroughly enjoy how my husband rolls with my flights of fancy, and figures things out with me, so I sent him to get a screwdriver, and then we set to work poking through the scored circles to create some potential drainage. And what to my eyes would appear when we broke through the first pot's circles, but a whole lot of water draining out. Honestly, I could not get the rest of those pots draining fast enough. And now I feel so much better about the garden, if that was at all possible. I already was pretty pleased with it. [Editor's note: This photo is not my plant pot draining.]
AND NOW THIS: I'm watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD right now via Chromecast off my phone, and one of the technology's commercials is getting super intriguing. I'm seeing this little ad about the Roomba, and how it will clean up the floors for a couple hours at a time. And at this point in my life, I am loving the idea of this little dude. My hardwood floors are the bane of my existence, and I could really go for a machine that will take some of the heat off me in regards to them for a time every day. Granted, my dogs will not enjoy such a thing, but I'm not sure how much it would really bother them. I'm beginning to not care how much the Roomba would traumatize them. But the price tag is traumatizing me right now, so I may have to live without it for a while longer. *sigh*

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