Tuesday, April 12

The most delicious goldfish ever

THIS MORNING: Sydney and I are obsessed with the new, relatively new, I guess, goldfish cracker flavors that we found at Target. Actually, Sydney was introduced to the vanilla cupcake goldfish crackers at school, and fell in love with them. When we visited Target to get her a bag for home, I found some whole-grain, cinnamon goldfish that looked pretty good to me. News flash: They’re totally awesome.
There has been a constant supply of the vanilla cupcake in the pantry for a couple months now, but I finally was able to replace my cinnamon fish this last weekend. I keep them at work, actually, because they are the best snack ever. I just finished a handful, if you must know.
But when it comes to work snacks, my tastes are quite fickle. I brought a box of mini-Whoppers Easter eggs in a couple weeks ago, and I’m not even done with half the box and I’m totally over them. The Smart Food popcorn I brought in for a while made too much of a mess on my fingers, so I stopped eating that. What I really miss are the Smarties. We had a huge bag of them at home that we bought at Costco, and I thoroughly enjoyed having a couple of those every afternoon, but Costco hasn’t had them for the last several months, so that’s a drag. I liked it when I brought in the chocolate bunnies, but those are at a short supply now, and oh my god, that was a lot of chocolate for the afternoon. A few Bit O’Honeys is okay, but not ideal. The struggle is real, you know.
I’m also bringing in a tea from Starbucks for the afternoons, to try to curb the candy craving I had adopted, since they have so much candy here. Smarties do not count as candy; they’re in a food group, though I haven’t decided which.
The goldfish are good, and I should probably bring in some of the plain, baked fish, too, since those are super tasty and just the right amount of salt for a snack. As it is, I have far too few options for my afternoon snack at my desk. This must be remedied soon.

THIS AFTERNOON: As an addendum to what I wrote this morning, I’ll tell you that I broke open one of the last two packages of Easter Peeps that were in the pantry, and brought four bunny Peeps into the office with me this afternoon. Starbucks disappointed me by not having a working app for ordering my tea for pickup, so I’m stuck with water the rest of the day. Not a bad thing, but certainly not what I was tasted for. As afternoon snacks go, this one isn’t terrible, but I need to get creative and delicious from now on.

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