Monday, April 25

The elements of today's blog post

WIND: We had the most delicious winds blowing through my part of Arizona today. Nice and relatively cool, they did a great job of airing out my house and making me feel like its fresher today than it was yesterday. At this moment, the slight breeze is blowing through my bedroom window, and its so comforting.
According to the weather app on my phone, it'll be cool tomorrow, too, but it doesn't indicate any windy conditions. That's a bummer. In fact, I'll say that wind may be my favorite weather condition that's not a cool, sunny day.
WATER: I need to start bathing Oliver's tummy again, as the skin infection has returned, and left some big, ugly patches on his undercarriage. I noticed that he's started licking again yesterday, and tonight did some maintenance on him in general, but discovered the tummy situation and was immediately irritated. Would a general antibiotic be too much to ask? Or do they not work on skin infections?
EARTH: I have the money for my potting shelf piece from Ikea, but I didn't have the space to bring it home last week. I'll pick it up this weekend though, since I'm really eager to dig into the deck box and set up my new outdoor potting shelves/bench. I think I may have to put the raspberries on it though, since they seem to be getting burned in the sunshine. And that will only get worse as we get more into the summer. But the shelves/bench!
FIRE: Time for bed. Because sleeping is hot.

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