Monday, April 4

Possibly a new Ridiculous Favorite? Bears

I watched a movie last night, and it was one of those films that make me want to watch it from the beginning simply because the premise is so odd. Into the Grizzly Maze, stars James Marsden and Thomas Jane as estranged brothers on the hunt for a bloodthirsty grizzly bear in the Alaskan wilderness. Honestly, the movie had me at "bloodthirsty grizzly bear." But then it also boasts Billy Bob Thornton and Scott Glenn in the cast. And randomly, that Coyote Ugly actress, Piper Perabo, as a deaf nature conservationist married to Thomas Jane who needs to be saved constantly because she can't hear the bear approach.
Anyway, I'm sure there's some kind of nature-hugging premise there, but beyond how quickly they abandon their principles about not killing bears, it was not a strong one. Although, Billy Bob Thornton is a horrible bear killer who eventually gets eaten by a bear. And Scott Glenn is the super mean, illegal poacher (not spoilers, btw), who also eventually gets killed by the bear. Of course, the deaf girl isn't the only girl, because James Marsden needs to have a girl, too. So his girl is the doctor, who, of course, falls down a whole lot and gets her leg impaled by a tree limb, and has to be carried out of the forest. Because of course, if the girl is intellectually superior to all the boys, something has to happen to make her physically dependent on the boys.
Taken as a whole, the movie may be one of my Ridiculous Favorites, mainly because of the computer-generated imagery of blood dripping off the bear's mouth. Honestly, the special effects were horrible. But I feel like this movie is one that all the actors chose to make because it got them into the beautiful wilds of Alaska for a couple months. Make no mistake; I'm not judging. I'd totally take an awesome job on a questionable movie so I could be amazed by the beauty of Alaska for a time. And it looks like they probably had a ton of fun avoiding a bear on video kinda following them. I feel like I should recommend Into the Grizzly Maze, but I kind of enjoy that it's my little secret.

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