Saturday, April 30

Once again, I add recipes to the pile

Guess what came in the packaging with my Martha Stewart Living magazine today: A supplement called, Our Best Recipes: 40+ Dishes for Every Season. It's all organized and separated via season of the year.
Someone tell me why I thought that I should keep such a thing. I'll zip through it really quick right now and let you know if there's anything either interesting or easy enough for me to attempt.
Summer: Summer Tomato Salad, because tomatoes are super yummy. Though I'd probably add some fat mozzarella chunks in it, to make a bit more caprese. Oven-Roasted Chile Butter Corn, because corn on the cob always is yummy, and chile butter sounds delicious. Neopolitan pops, because ice cream. And a striped red velvet cake, because Sydney has decided that she needs to be an expert on all things red velvet.
Fall: Chicken and Sausage White Bean Pot, because holy cripes, this picture looks fantastic. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese, because maybe I can make mac and cheese a healthier dish.
Winter: Cinnamon Rolls Dough, because duh. Also, there are a bunch of filling options to the cinnamon rolls. Short Rib Lasagna, because that sounds super yummy for a cold night. Raspberry Swirl Brownies, because there's not a single thing about that doesn't sound amazing.
Spring: Ham-Asparagus Strata, because it looks good, and seems like a decent breakfast entree. Lavender-Honey Scones, because they sound so fancy!
And that's that. So I suppose I may get some use out of this little publication after all. All I have to do is, you know, buy the stuff and make the stuff.

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