Friday, April 1

My super spy has a name, but it's a secret

This month's avatar is in homage to the great television show, Archer, and its super spy hero, in celebration of their return to my TV screen, as of last night. The show usually begins its short seasons in January. It's like a lovely little birthday present just for me. But this year, they made us wait until the end of March. What kind of madness is that?
Last night, I was giddy with anticipation. I was so happy, I could hardly contain myself. And we even watched the show before the kiddo went to bed. (I typically like to wait until she's asleep to watch Archer, for no reason other than she's less likely to interrupt it when she's sleeping.) And while it didn't have the fun, super spy stuff going on, since the characters have moved to Los Angeles and opened a detective agency, I have faith in the upcoming story lines, and look forward to the show ripping apart my birthplace. (As Archer said last night, "Because California is assholes." So. Funny.)
So in honor of my favorite super spy, this month's avatar is rocking the super spy gear herself, adjacent to the awesome spy-mobile, and she even has her own spy gadget inventor standing behind her. ... And her boss is named W. And the gadget inventor is B. And the boss's secretary is named James, because that's some karma right there.

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