Monday, April 11

My lack of "process" punishes YOU

I need to start writing these blog posts at work again, because by the time I get to it, it's 11:13 p.m., I'm tired, and I just don't even care about what I'm writing here.
And that's a travesty to both my "process," and your enjoyment of the fruits of my labor. Honestly, it's like my head can't even create anymore this late at night. Or is it just that I'm still getting over my ick?
At any rate, this is getting stupid frustrating. So, here's the question, how to write a blog entry -- not post it, of course -- while at work. How to be creative in an environment where, let's face it, the sound of my typing anything too animatedly would attract attention. How to be the best writer when I'm not supposed to be ... that is the question.

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