Sunday, April 10

If I'm getting better, it's meds, not spinach

So. The disease. The illness. The gross.
I woke up Friday morning with the worst sore throat I think I have ever experienced. It hurt so much. And all I could think of was the email sent to all the parents last week about the "few" cases of strep throat that had been floating around the fourth grade. My first thought, "F*ckin' A."
But then I swung into logical mom mode, and checked to see how Sydney was first, then Brian, and then I called in sick to work. If I had strep, there was no way I was going in to the office. I checked in to the urgent care online, which gave me a couple hours before my appointment, so I spent some time cleaning up the house and futzing around doing stuff that hasn't been done in a while.
Cut to the urgent care, where, come to find out, I did not have strep throat (yay!), but I did have a super bad sore throat. The doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic in case any strep throat symptoms presented themselves within 24 hours (so I wouldn't have to come back for another visit), and I could start the medication at that time. My decision: Start taking the medication anyway, as soon as possible, because if anything, the sinus infection I've been dealing with for the last two weeks will be destroyed.
Something more drastic needed to happen; my body needed a boost of something to feel better. As of now, my nose seems to be getting better, though it's still more stuffed up and sore than I'd like; and the sore throat is totally gone. I'm only 48 hours into my 10-day antibiotic treatment, so I continue to assume that every morning I will wake up a bit healthier.
I am so over being sick.

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