Tuesday, April 19

I want to go to summer camp!

It’s getting to be that time of year again: When I get super excited about all the summer camps that Sydney gets to attend in the next few months (while I’m stuck at work). Yesterday, I got my calendar out, and my sticky notes, and my pile of camp information, and the internet on my phone, and began the consuming and laborious process of figuring out which camp goes where. Happily, after only two hours, I had her summer figured out.
While the first month of camps are places she’s been before and wants to go again, the month of July is chockablock with new experiences and places to go. I’ve even got her penciled in for somewhere the very first week of August that looks totally awesome. She and I went into the summer camp experience wanting to broaden her horizons, and I think we’ve accomplished that.
I should be able to pay for the first three weeks tonight. From tomorrow on though, I’ll tackle each of her two-week summer camp segments as I get paid for each of my two-week working segments. *Sung to Toto’s music* “Every mom is working for the summer camps…”
So right now, my job as nothing but a series of payments for summer camp, and it’s all good.

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