Sunday, April 17

Have I told you how much I love my garden?

I'm pretty excited to tell you that all of the random gardening that I wanted to get done this weekend actually got done.
APPLES: To the left there are our five apple saplings, that are just older than a year, in their new, personal pots. Remember that the five of them started out in a single pot, and have been sprouting and growing very well together. While we figure there would be some roots, for sure, the amount of roots, and how knotted together they were, surprised us. With plenty of patience though, and dirty fingers and gardening tools, we managed to separate everyone's roots with a minimal amount of breakage, and move them into their own places. Now, they each have a stake to give them support, and a whole lot of soil for more root growth. I'm excited to see how they grow from here.
STRAWBERRIES: Sydney picked out a strawberry plant at Home Depot yesterday, and it got potted in a beautiful little red pot and is now comfortable on the backyard table.
ROSEMARY: Now this was a bit more of a production. Brian got down with the plants and the shears, and the bushes are finally in a more controllable way. We didn't have any rubber bands to bunch and hang them though. But because of our dry climate, we separated them into four portions and put them in some paper grocery bags, leaving plenty of space for the air to circulate, hoping that the paper will help the herb dry out. We secured the paper bags under the table so they wouldn't fall over or get blown anywhere. I figure it'll be a matter of a week or so until the herb is dry enough to be separated from its stem and prepared for people to take off my hands. It would be quicker during the summer, for sure.
GARDENIA: I did pick up a small gardenia to put with my other happy plants, because I wanted to, and potted that today, as well. It had a bud on it that unfortunately got snapped off during the potting, so I may or may not get any flowers on it this spring.
PLUMERIA: My awesome plumeria tree is finally sprouting some leaves, though they're super tiny and just starting to show themselves. I'll have to baby that guy through the summer and especially through next winter. I'm very concerned with its lack of flowers, but I really don't want it losing leaves again during the next cold season. You know what? I think I've got some plumeria fertilizer somewhere! I need to find that and get to helping my Hawaiian kiddo out.
GARDEN: It's pretty fantastic, and I'm in love with it!

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