Saturday, April 2

Busted and illin', but no dog puke!

ITEM!: Thanks a lot, Oklahoma. I was thisclose to actually picking a winner in my bracket this year, and then you went ahead and messed up. Losing today was not at all what I was interested in seeing from you. I mean, really. I never, ever do well in my brackets. Actually, one year I picked all four teams that were in the Final Four, but my actual winner did not win. I was feeling pretty confident with my Oklahoma pick. More surprisingly, Brian had confidence in my pick. But then, the team's all, "Nope. Not going to win because you." I actually have no idea how Brian's bracket is at this point in time. Sydney's bracket died a while ago, as she selected Hawaii to win the whole thing.
ITEM!: Brian brought illness into my house, and it has invaded me a little bit, and I'm pretty annoyed. In my opinion, if one covered their mouth when coughing, or tried to contain the germ spittle that erupted from one's face when sneezing, they would be less likely to get their loved ones sick. Others do not agree, hence my little bit of illness, and now I can't get too close to my kid. Grr.
ITEM!: We've managed to go a whole 48 hours without any dog vomit, which is fantastic. I think Cooper is too traumatized by his last several days to eat much still, which is making me nervous, but he's at least eating some stuff. Not really much dog food, of course, because that's what tossed his cookies all over the house, but he's had bits and pieces of goodness. Brian tells me that Cooper ate breakfast this morning, but apparently he didn't stay and watch to be sure, so who knows, maybe Oliver had twice as much breakfast as normal. It's hard to say when the only proof you have is an empty bowl.
ITEM!: I think tomorrow I will tackle the foot-tall pile of magazines in my bedroom. Catalogs, entertainment reading and other cool stuff are starting to topple, and I should probably take care of that. I'd also like to get started on the library book I've been not reading for the last several weeks.

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