Wednesday, April 27

And now I have an opinion on everything

Apparently, I've reached that point in my life were I have a preference in cheap ballpoint pen brands. Here you go: I now actively prefer Bic pens over PaperMate pens.
I had purchased a couple packages of Bic pens some time ago, and recently discovered that the packages were empty. Following that, I found some packages of PaperMate pens to replace them. Over the last couple weeks, I've discovered that the PaperMate pens don't right too well, aren't as comfortable to hold, and the caps don't stay on very well. I've found myself pining for the Bic pens I used to have.
Let's just take a moment right now and realize that this post is actually happening.
Where was I? Ah yes, I was hoping that the PaperMates were magically Bic pens.
I fought with my general dislike for the PaperMate pens for several days and nights. I was silently determined to live with them because shame. But then I was all, "Dude. You use these pens all the time. Get pens you like." So last weekend, I picked up a package of the Bic pens that I prefer. And as of tonight, I'm pleased to inform you that I once again am satisfied with the writing implements I have scattered throughout my house. And from now on, I'm a Bic pen person.
So there.

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