Wednesday, April 6

A whole lot of music going on

Well, it looks like I've got a noisy several nights ahead of me near my house. The 20th anniversary of Arizona Bike Week is happening across the street from my community, and as of this moment, I can hear all kinds of rock music going on. I noticed all the motorcyclists riding around the streets over the last day or two, and had wondered aloud to Sydney this afternoon if there was something happening that we should know about. Upon hearing all the music for such an extended time tonight, I hit up the internet to check the WestWorld website.
And here are the music offerings for the next couple days: April 6 (tonight, right outside my window), Blackberry Smoke, and Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers; April 7, Warrant, and Blues Traveler; April 8, Reverend Horton Heat, and Social Distortion; April 9, Ratt, and Buckcherry; and on April 10, Metalhead.
Indeed, I will be hearing muffled musical sounds with closed windows, and actual music with open windows through Saturday night. And all the snarls and grumblings of motorcycle engines, too.
I still can't decide if I enjoy or despise being so close to WestWorld on weekends like this.

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