Wednesday, March 23

We won spring picture day

Sydney and I are feeling pretty triumphant, as a duo, the last couple days. Yesterday was spring pictures day at school. Spring pictures are typically posed, and she doesn't like that. In fact, last year she was pissed to have been posed, and was in a horrible mood about it even in the afternoon when I picked her up. We decided that this spring, I would write her a note, and she would get to pose however she wanted. So, yesterday morning, I wrote a note that said, "To whom it may concern: Sydney G. has my permission to pose in the way that we decided on together. Call me with any questions. Thank you, Kimberly G. (her mom)" The photographer took the note, kinda skimmed it, and began to pose her. She said to him, "Did you even read the note?" He then took the note out of his pocket, read it, shrugged, and told her to go ahead and pose how she wanted. And with that, we (I hope) have a totally awesome spring picture this year. The posed and unhappy photos were not too fantastic. That was her triumph.
Today, I killed a mosquito in the car. And then I used my Starbucks app to order my tea when I was running late for work after lunch.

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