Monday, March 28

Tiny Thing #212: Jalapeno Jack SunChips, man

It's a night for a Tiny Thing to Write About. Following, is #212.
You've just heard that your favorite potato chip flavor will no longer be available. Write an indignant letter to the manufacturer.
Dear SunChips:
There are very few delicious and perfect chips in this world. Your Jalapeno Jack flavor is one of those chips. That you have chosen to discontinue this delicious chip is a travesty to the chip aisle, and a blight on mankind's accomplishments in the world. They have the ideal combination of spicy, salty and superb flavor. There aren't many chips of which I can sit and eat the entire bag in one afternoon. I love these chips, you guys, and I'm beyond irritated that you are taking them away from me. How dare you force me into tasting a whole bunch of other, inferior chips to find a replacement? Do you know how long it could be before I find that replacement? I think you should reimburse me for all the chips I have to taste before I find the one I like almost as much as the Jalapeno Jack. In fact, that will be my vow to you. I am going to send you every receipt for every bag of chips I buy in hopes of finding my Jalapeno Jack replacement, with an invoice for you to pay to me. And you will send me checks. I'll let you know if I find anything as good, because I'm not a crook, but I expect you to hold up your end of this bargain.

[Editor's note: I know SunChips aren't potato chips, but I took a bit of a license there to change it up for a real-life situation.]

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