Monday, March 21

Time to crack a book, friends

I hate it when I've got a book to read, and I have to read it this week because it's due on Saturday. Granted, I've had the book for more than two weeks, but I've had a hard time sitting down and reading lately, and not being able to renew this one is particularly irksome. But I've started it now, and read a chapter, so it's just a matter of my deciding I think it's wonderful, and then sitting down with it. I had thought to have all my number crunching and blogging done by 10 p.m. so I could read for an hour or two before bed. As it's only 10:04 p.m. right now, I may be somewhat on track for that.
I've found a picture, and it's 10:07 p.m. Time to go.

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