Wednesday, March 9

That pic is not from my drive

There's something to be said for driving out to California at night. First of all, it's totally awesome not wasting an entire day on the road. We left Scottsdale at 5 p.m. yesterday and were in California by midnight (accounting for the time difference). And this morning, I woke up at our destination, and we had an entire day to do real stuff, like hang out in Santa Monica with my dad. I also had more energy to have dinner with my girls.
I'm totally tempted to make this the way we always drive out to California. And driving through the desert at night isn't half as boring as during the day when you can see how much flat desert is in front of you. Also, having the entire time to chat with Mom was key to the speed of the drive time going by. Having said that, I'm still a super fan of doing the drive at night.
CAR ISSUES: I had to get a new battery for my car tonight because the car wouldn't start, and also because I've had a selection of electrical issues over the last couple days that I've been ignoring. In retrospect, the battery is maybe the reason behind all the issues, as I diagnose it. Anyway, now there are some random dashboard lights on. I need to Google them.

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