Friday, March 4

T.G.I.Almost time to go to California

ITEM!: Sydney and I spent several minutes discussing the health benefits and drawbacks to picking one's nose this morning. I don't know what prompted the question of whether it is bad for you physically. But no, it's not really bad for you. But it's not something that is socially acceptable to do with other people around. If you have boogers, go get a tissue and deal with it in private. She knew that, and she does that. "It was just a question, Mom."
ITEM!: The day has come and the lower-estrogen birth control pills have worked their magic: I did not have a period this month! It's weird, to be sure. And I'm just paranoid enough to wonder if I need to pick up a pregnancy test this weekend. I did, however, still have the munchies and yearning for cheese like normal, but honestly, it wasn't as powerful as usual. Holy crap, you guys, what if it makes PMS go away, too?!?! Crazy!!
ITEM!: I'm going to bed early tonight though, because I was at work until 9 p.m., and tomorrow is Super Secret Girl Day. I can't tell you what Syd and I will do all day while Brian is working, but I will tell you that it'll be fun, secret and girly.

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