Tuesday, March 15

So now she's in charge of that, too

I read an interesting article tonight about a survey sample of kids who wanted their parents to not post as much about them on social media. Granted, it was a small segment of kids, but I have to wonder if all the posts I make about Sydney will come back to embarrass her later in life. It won't be long until she takes full control of her digital identity, and when she does, she may or may not like several posts I've written about her. At that point, I guess, we'll go through my social media and delete anything she finds offensive to her sensibility. (Although I know that nothing ever really gets deleted from the Internet.) I'm pleased to say that, at the least, I've never tagged her face in anything. I don't even know if that really means anything to the Internet, but it seems like somewhat of a protective move to me.
Anyway, it gave me food for thought in regards to her feelings about my posting to Facebook. So she and I discussed it, and I reminded her that she's in charge of herself online, and that if she objects to me posting something, I won't post it. (Just as I ask Brian's permission before tagging him or sharing a pic of him.) Her wishes are important, I told her, and I respect her feelings on the subject. So all it is, really, is my having to ask someone else before I post to Facebook.
Having said that, I hope she doesn't veto anything too funny. And oh my goodness, if she ever reads the blog. (But it's "anonymous," I guess, so I'm good to go there.)
By the way, yesterday she asked me when she'll be old enough for an Instagram account.

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