Thursday, March 24

She will not eat frosting tomorrow

ITEM!: Sydney and I (or just I) made strawberry cupcakes tonight for the Easter weekend. She wanted yellow frosting for them, but the store only had yellow frosting in lemon flavor, so we bought the white frosting and I'll add some yellow food coloring to it tomorrow. Yes, they will be frosted tomorrow night, because Sydney has the day off, and I will NOT leave her with a tray full of frosted strawberry cupcakes, or the leftover tub of frosting in the fridge. There very well may not be anything left when I got home if I did that. No, the frosting is for Friday night.
ITEM!: I learned how to create a meme today, and while I haven't decided how much of my life I will devote to the science, I'm excited to make it part of my regular technological skills. Josh is awesome for giving me the heads up on his meme generating app, but I really should have done the most minimal research myself because his mind-blowing app that generates memes is called Meme Generator. A bit anti-climactic and self-explanatory, thus my duh-ness about not finding it on my own and sooner than today. But as it is, now I know how to make a meme, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself because of it.
ITEM!: My weekend should be super low-key, except for the bunny thing on Sunday, and I'm actually really looking forward to doing some backyard work. (It should be relatively cool enough for that.) The rosemary needs to be cut back a lot, and I think we'll try to pull out that one rose bush so we can plant the lavender. It's time to Google how to prepare rosemary. Do you have to dry it? Maybe I'll jar it up for people I love. I should investigate harvesting my wild mint, as well. It's getting a bit out of control. Garden!

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