Sunday, March 6

Putting a spotlight on a good movie

Brian and I watched Spotlight tonight, and it was a really good movie. I now totally approve of the film winning Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards. I think part of what made it so amazing is that, going in, you already know that they were successful in their quest to bring the scandal to light. Also, their processes, dedication to get the story right, and passion for telling the truth are everything that is right with journalism.
And while it's a good story to be told in a movie, I appreciate how it's brought the scandal back into the nation's collective conscious, and maybe taught the movie-going public on how much work real, investigative journalists do to get the facts straight. It's not all blogs and Twitter, people. Real journalists talk to people; they ask questions in person; and they use sources that have names, not handles. Granted, this story happened in the early 2000s, before all that was available, but still, it's nice that the people can see how real journalists do their thing.
I love that there are reporters like that out there. I never had the guts to be one. I always preferred writing the puff pieces and editing from my desk. I'm super envious of the reporters who do this kind of work, and I'm glad they exist in this world. This was a really good movie, you guys, and I highly recommend it.

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