Wednesday, March 2

It'll be cooler for the plants, too

The state of the flora in my home is beginning to concern me. You see, it's been super warm in my home for the last several days. I refuse to turn on the air conditioner in March, so the windows are open, and I'm hoping for breezes throughout the day, but by the time the afternoon rolls around, the sunshine is blazing. The upstairs gets toasty, and my plants aren't having it.
It's early in the cycle, but the greenery was looking very ... sad. Everyone was thirsty, and no one was happy. It was a good thing to walk through the house soaking everyone and perking them up. And I feel like a good plant mom. But now I'm worried about how quickly they'll all get dry, thirsty, sad and uncomfortable again.
Holy crap, it can't possibly be time to turn the a/c on again, can it? According to the nifty weather app on my phone, it'll cool down significantly next week, which should make everyone happier.
... I hate talking about the weather. At least, my plants will be happier, too.

By the way, this room in the photo here is almost perfect. It's all bright and Ikea-awesome, and chockablock with happy, green plants. I love all the white going on there. Some day, I'll have, not a living room like this, but a reading nook like this. Packed full of cozy chairs and sunshine, with so many plants and books. I can't imagine a better room ever.

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