Saturday, March 26

It was a somewhat productive day, friends

So the grossest thing lately is how unvacuumed my floors and carpets are. I knew that I would get that done today though, because honestly, my dog is smelling like floor dust, and that horrifies me. My morning got away from me a bit though, but I did get some preliminary vacuuming done on the stairs. To my surprise, Brian was on top of doing the more thorough stairs vacuuming, so they look awesome. Tonight, I finally got back to the vacuum and took care of my bedroom carpet, even going so far as to use the attachment to be sure all the corners and baseboards were clean. I did the hardwood floors in the hallways and loft, too. I'm eager to take the vacuum downstairs in the morning, because that space, obviously, needs the attention more than anywhere else. And hopefully I'll feel better about my house after that.
The ungrowing rose bush in the rose garden came out of the ground really easily this afternoon, to make room for the lavender, theoretically. I say theoretically because I'm not sure if I want to plant the lavender in there and then leave it when we move. I'd almost rather leave the empty space and put the lavender in pots on my patio. Also, I need to figure out how to harvest and prepare rosemary and wild mint.

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