Saturday, March 19

It was a nice, little Saturday

NO-ELECTRONICS DAY: When she woke me up at 6:48 this morning wanting to trade today for tomorrow as no-electronics day, I became very, very concerned for how the following hours would go. But, after I explained to her that at least today I had a bunch of stuff for us to do, and tomorrow would probably be an at-home day mostly, she was more on board with keeping today as our no-electronics day. As it went, I feel pretty good about how she did. I think she only got bored for a few minutes this afternoon, but then we turned on Netflix and found a show to watch, and then all was well. As for me without electronics today, it was liberating and awesome. I actually laid down and closed my eyes for a few minutes rather than take any time to check Facebook or Instagram. It was lovely. I may or may not roll without social media (because really, that's all it was) tomorrow, too.
PLANTINGS: The bougainvillea is now safe, secure and happy in a good-sized pot outside my front door. I think it'll do okay, but I'm a little concerned about any lack of sunshine. Still, it's watered and has a beautiful place to hang out and watch the world go by. The raspberry bush also got replanted, though I'm off to Lowe's again to pick up some nitrogen fertilizer and a soil pH testing kit. Apparently, the raspberries need acidic soil, just like the blueberries. I'm considering other options with my lavender, too. All of a sudden, I'm super not eager to leave my awesome plants when we move from this house. I'll want to take my fantastic gardenia, and probably my plumeria, too. I'm also thinking that the blueberries will be easier to handle in separate large pots next to each other rather than in one super, large bin. The soil will be easier to control that way. My wheels are turning for my backyard, you guys, and I can't wait to dig in more.
WORST COOKS IN AMERICA: This is the show Sydney got me watching today, and while it was entertaining, it also made me feel super inferior in my cooking skills. Granted, my cooking skills are inferior, but having Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell laughing at someone for not dicing an onion incorrectly, as I would have diced an onion, did little for my confidence. I make some kick-ass macaroni and cheese, and can heat up a frozen pizza like a boss. My kid will never starve. Still, they get much better than me, and manage to cook much better than me, even as they are the worst cooks ever.

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