Thursday, March 3

It sucks when friends move away

One of Sydney's best friends is moving out of the area next week, and Sydney is in a state about it. It doesn't help at all to point out how many times she's been the kid moving away, either. Instead, I've been dealing with tears and heaving cries for the last few days (Hannah just told her on Monday). And tonight she made Hannah this adorable card telling her how much Sydney loves her, and how much she'll miss her. "Mom, I wrote 'I (heart) you' on the card," she said to me. I guess that's not the right thing to do? I told her that I tell my friends that I love them all the time, and that especially since Hannah's leaving, she should know how much Sydney appreciates her as a friend. She liked that, so I hope she doesn't feel weird about it. Another line she wrote in the card? "I better be the one you miss the most." Which is frickin' hysterical to me, and shows me to what depths a 9-year-old will sink to turn another person's upheaval into their own personal tragedy.
What stinks is that Hannah doesn't seem to have a cell phone or email address for Sydney to communicate with her. And of course, they're all too young for any social media of any kind. So it's up to the parents to keep them friends. I'm hoping that we'll see them on Sunday this weekend before they leave, but after that, it'll be up to Hannah's mom and I to stay in touch and make lunch and/or get-together plans. It's easy enough for me, but Hannah's mom has two little babies to work around.
Sydney's going to be a mess tomorrow afternoon when I pick her up. I hope we're able to see Hannah on Sunday, but this emotional explosion is going to be a sucky way to start our spring break. It can't be said that I don't know what she's going through. I feel bad for her, certainly. And my heart breaks for her. I'll be doing lots of hugging and wiping of tears over the next few days. It's the first time she's had a friend leave her. It's harder being the one left behind.

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