Tuesday, March 22

I'm a groupie for Danny Archer

I'm watching Blood Diamond right now, and I think I have a little crush on Danny Archer. I can't not watch this movie whenever it's on, and I'm always just kinda staring at him. I totally only watch it for him. Weird. I don't have crush-ish feelings for Leonardo DiCaprio in general, though it would be nice if he was in a movie lately where he didn't die at the end (I haven't seen The Revenant, yet; no spoilers). He perfectly embodies the bad boys that have always been my Kryptonite: blond, embarrassingly confident, just that little bit of dangerous, but still pretty awesome to be around.
Jeez, I'll not get any of my book read if this movie stays on. I'll have to turn it off soon so I can get a few chapters done.

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