Thursday, March 17

Chocolate, molasses and marshmallows, oh my

I finally unpacked our bags from California tonight. I can't decide if I was in denial or what, but I did not want to admit that my awesome weekend was over. And I guess now it is over, since now all the clothes are either rehung or in the dirty clothes hamper. *sigh*
But today is St. Patrick's Day, and that makes it a very good day. I wore green, as did Brian, as did Sydney. If I had some green ribbon, my dogs also would have worn green today. I didn't have anything Irish and random to eat tonight, but I did drink a beer with my leprechaun Gramps, so there's that.
Also, there are only two See's molasses chips in my refrigerator. I don't know what happened to the rest of them, but there only are two left. One is dark chocolate and one is milk chocolate. When Mom bought the box, she asked me if I preferred milk chocolate or dark, and at the time, I had no real preference. But as it stands now, I think I prefer the milk chocolate. It tastes ... chocolatier, if that's a word (which Blogger is telling me right now it is not a word).
We've opened the Peeps, too. It's only a matter of time before we're totally and completely consumed by sugar. Too much sugar, my friends. We're standing on a precipice.

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