Monday, March 14

Blueberries will grow in the desert ... right?

ITEM!: Mom, Sydney and I ventured to and wandered through the nursery out in Ventura the other day, and came home with a whole lot of plants for the desert. They're not really for the desert, but we're bringing them to the desert. Two blueberry bushes, one raspberry bush, two lavender plants and two bougainvillea are now snug as bugs in my backyard, waiting to be planted. We bought pots for the raspberries and the bougainvillea so I can take them with me when we leave this house, but the lavender will probably stay. The blueberries will be planted in a plastic bin with drainage holes drilled into the bottom (like I saw online a while ago) so I can better maintain the soil, as well as transport the berries when we need to move. Sydney and I are super excited to plant the bougainvillea, lavender and raspberries this weekend. The blueberries may have to wait a couple weeks, though. New fruit project! Just as awesome as our apple orchard!
ITEM!: Oliver's tummy skin infection has returned, and I'm in full-on mommy mode about it. Looks like I'll be shampooing tummy every night for a week or so until it goes away. Lovely. It's only a struggle because he can't stand very well on his back legs. The whole thing is a process and a half, and he can't be helpful, really. It makes me sad he can't just be fine, you know?
ITEM!: Since today is Pi Day, we ate pies for dinner. I heated up both a pizza (pie) and a chicken pot (pie) for dinner that we all shared, and we baked a cherry (pie) for dessert. Never let it be said that we would ever deny ourselves a holiday for math, when we can eat something delicious, too.

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